Day 83, Wednesday 5th November 2003

Wed 5 Nov 2003 18:02

From : Casablanca       To : Canary Islands

Around 8 we wake up. The watchman is still there. An alarm for the workers makes sure that no one sleeps anymore. We call the agent to get our passports. This takes a long time and finally get them around ten. I quickly go with our French neighbour to see a yacht which is being built at the shipyard. It is a nice wooden boat built for a Frenchman. Our neighbour. We give a call to the port control. Out on the ocean we take water to clean the fenders and the boat. It is rather easy to get it off.
We start with the halfwinder for about 2 hours. We sail between 2 and 4 knots, but after 2 hours we come even below the 2 knots so we start the engine. The sea is calm. There are a couple of boats going the same direction as we are. Until the evening we sail along the Moroccon coast.