Day 81, Monday 3rd November 2003

Mon 3 Nov 2003 20:35
We wake up early in order to get ready to leave. Camelia is
doing the last shoppings and I buy 2 extra jerrycans for
Diesel. We still have the car and that makes it a lot easier.
After we have done this, I want to return the car. I drive to
the airport and find out that Spain closed their border with
Gibraltar. I cannot believe it when the policeman tells me this.
He says the border might be closed the whole day. I have no
idea what to do with the car now and we want to leave today.
13 days in Gibraltar is more than enough. I call the car rental
company and he suggests me to leave the car on a public
parking place and give the key to a kiosk. So I do.
Back in the port we find out why the Spanish closed the border.
This morning arrived cruiseship "Aurora" which had a lot of
sick passengers on board. It seems that also Greece refused
the ship before. When the vessel arrived in Gibraltar, Spain took
it as an occasion to close the border. The whole action is political
and the people in Gibraltar are pretty upset about it.
Around 14:00 hours we left. There is a little bit of wind and in the
straight of Gibraltar we manage to sail a little. Only for about one hour.
Than the wind stops again. There are a lot of commercial vessels
crossing the straight, but we manage to cross it pretty easy.
Camelia first takes a sleep till 10 or 11 and than I will try to sleep.