Wednesday 4th December

Ian Matthews
Wed 4 Dec 2013 17:33
We had a lovely night.  Sailing at 10+ knots in 15-18 knots of ENE wind with (mostly) clear skies and no need to adjust the sheets.  One rain squall only.
The day has been the same.  Great for comfort but not so great for racing - we need 20+ knots to get up on the plane and be quicker than the opposition.
A photo of the interior of the yacht at dawn:
At 17.30 UT and 15.30 our time we gybed after 2 days on the other gybe.  The wind has started to veer towards the east but not yet to strengthen.
We are at 21 38.48 N, 42 57.50 W at 17.30 UT