Sunday 1/12/2013

Ian Matthews
Sun 1 Dec 2013 15:02
The sun is shining and we are drying out.  Al, Rob and Simon have strip washed and smell better now.
We had a good night although we are still sailing into the west wind.  Any time now, we should at last get the North Easterly Trade Wind and start to sail fast.  We think we are seventh behind the big yachts on the north route.  We do not expect to compete with them as they are so much faster than us.  We want to keep up with or ahead of Tante which is another Pogo – the racing 40 of which Jinja is the cruising version.  We have a handicap advantage over them.
Sunrise today:
Al eating his breakfast.  He is the only one who eats cereal and he wasn’t allowed to buy Frosties.  He’s eating Special K.  The rest of us eat porridge, so we will have clear coronary arteries and Al will get plenty of fibre:
Sun is shining so Ru put on his sensible hat and joined the old men:
Then they all joined in:
This is a typical squall.  They are small in area but contain a wind shift and increase in wind speed of a third or more plus rain.  Our weather guru hopes this was the last one we will have to sail through (and we have sailed through plenty):
We are preparing for the anticipated wind shift from westerly to the trade wind north easterly so Ru is removing the trinquette (small jib) which we had rigged in case the wind got up over the night (you can’t reef this particular genoa, so you have to have smaller one ready):
So we are at 20 50.00 N, 32 38.91 W and are hoping for the wind shift