Friday 29th November at 17.25

Ian Matthews
Fri 29 Nov 2013 17:26
The wind has gone west and we are beating.  It is very heavy rain and the boat is heeled, wet, hot and steamy.
We had another fun night with 20-23 knot winds and we had the spinnaker up for 8 hours.  Pitch dark so all we could see was the outline of the sails, the spray, the wake and some pretty good phosphorescence.  It was like a fairground ride and very exciting.
At about 4 am it got too much and we took the spinnaker down and sailed with just the main and genoa – still managed 10 knots.
It started raining at about 10 am and became heavy enough for us to shower in it.  All, except Ian who slept through, shampooed and showered in the rain.  We rinsed off in the curtain of water falling off the main:
Ru and Simon went later when these had recovered enough to take the helm.
Readers have  complained that there are no photos of Ian or Simon.  Simon could not appear in the showering pictures as he neglected to leave his pants on.
Here is Ian a couple of days ago:
Here is Simon with his clothes back on:
We are at 20 17.67 N, 27 28.28 W