Wewdnesday 27th November

Ian Matthews
Wed 27 Nov 2013 14:01
A much quieter night.  We had spinnakers up constantly for a day and a half and only took it down today at 13.30.
We have been sailing close hauled (80-90 degrees - as much as you can with a gennaker) as the wind has veered to the south east.  It is now in the south and we are close to beating with the ordinary sails.  We are aiming at a spot to the north west of the Cape Verde Islands when we can turn right and put up the spinnaker again.
Here is a view of the dog bowls we eat from just before the slop (freeze dried, reconstituted beef stew) was put in:
Despite sailing at 9 knots and well heeled, Al, Simon & Rupert managed a shower; J, Simon and Rupert took their lives in their hands and managed wet shaves.
Sailing well heeled:
at 9 knots:
9 knots of boat speed in 11.4 knots of wind!!
Al after his shower:
Today is a clean pants day and much rejoicing!
It was also the time to try the first Kg of fun:
Chorizo sausage.