Thursday 30 April

Excellence of Dart
Peter Coxon
Fri 1 May 2015 21:15

Set of from Flores after a brisk countryside walk and a visit to the lighthouse where the lighthouse keeper showed us around the fascinating old (1890s) light house with all its wonderful and intricately designed workings complete with petrol burning light ( replaced by electric in 1956)

The engineering work was simply marvellous, and of course it gave me the chance to shake the hands with the keeper and be reminded of one of my favourite stories about the Eddystone Light- remind me to tell you about it when we next meet- if you haven’t heard it! Or even if u have but would like to hear it again J


Cast off and set sail around 1300 and averaged a tidy 9K over a 12 hr period recording our fastest half day sail on record. Tony managed to get a high of 11.2K before we reefed down a 4th time. Sailed between the three islands of the main/middle group en route for Sao Miguel. We even have had to slow down as we were due in during the dark.


This is the last full day at sea of this leg and for this crew before time to regroup, attend to the ever changing list of tasks and checks on board, get some more land based exercise.

We are all looking forward to Terra Firma and to seek out that tree to sit under.

As dear old Bill used to say after a tough sail ‘ I shall pick up the anchor, step ashore and start walking and not stop until I have walked so far that someone comes up to me and asks what that is I am carrying. Then I shall seek out a tree to sit under and stay there!’


But for now the travelling chef is ready to prepare a hearty chicken stew for our last night at sea.

Oh yes and maybe the last of Tony’s odes for the time being:


       The wind doth blow me homeward bound,

         To put my feet on solid ground.

       Mal de mer was soon to settle,

         Jolly banter and good fettle.

       Time allowed some meditation,

         Especially at the midnight station.

       Two thousand miles of sea behind,

         Adventures plenty; troubled mind.

       Twenty hours and we arrive,

         So trusty crew and boat survive.

                              (Pete has a bit further to go)


All well