Wednesday 10th Dec 15:50.15N 033:21.95W

Excellence of Dart
Peter Coxon
Wed 10 Dec 2014 17:47

Hello all

Just had 4 hrs of flying the gennaker this morning and made some good progress so that was a relief

Back to motoring again for 4 hrs as the wind has dropped again but trying again now and hopefully it will stay for a while and fill in more tomorrow. The crew are getting adept at hoisting and dropping the gennaker now.

Watched the sun set in the west around 7pm then the full moon rise late last night and the sun rise again around 7am. Stunning sights

In between some good starlit times

Just a reminder of how small we are and how amazing and unbelievable the universe is

Stopped for a swim before lunch time today

Everyone went in and agreed it was fab- refreshing, warm, clear blue...and 2 miles deep!

The sun is getting hot and sun lotions are required. We were discussing the strangeness of approaching xmas without wind and wet and cold and shopping and commercialisation and jungles and awful songs and too much food and drink.

Just overtaken our 3rd yacht which is always a good feeling- niot that we are competitive or anything. Its just that when you see another yacht going in the same direction you certainly don’t want it to overhaul you!

All flapjack now gone. Fresh cakes and bread tomorrow we hope.

Due to be 25% of the way in 20 miles time – that will be after 3.5 days so we are on schedule for a 14 day run but need the wind!

I know careful what you wish for...


Neil, Jane, Janet, Steve,Pete