Excellence sails north 22:27.29N 073:07.99W

Excellence of Dart
Peter Coxon
Thu 9 Apr 2015 14:19

We left Port Antonio Jamaica on Monday afternoon fuelled and stocked up- ready to take on the next challenge.

A fresh North easterly set us on course for Santiago de Cuba and from10 miles off we tacked east sailing past Guantanimo Bay. Making good but tough progress against increasing head winds we were called up by the US coast guard who man the infamous bay. ‘Sailing vessel off the bay are you aware there is a 3 mile exclusion zone here?’ ‘Yes!’ I replied with true British confidence, ‘that is why we have tacked to avoid it... Can you give me an up to date weather forecast please?’...and so we became friends once more with the US coastguard who had previously placed me on parole for violating their territory when I arrived in St Juan, Porto Rico...


F6 Head winds battered us for 36 hrs before we eventually made it through the channel between Cuba and Haiti. Then Easterly 6s sent us flying up to the eastern Bahamas.

Last night we managed 86 miles in 10.5 hrs which was pretty damn good.

So we are now back on track, anchoring off Mayaguana Island for breakfast before heading out for what I think should be a 5 day voyage non stop to Bermuda

Will try to update the log regularly as we head north east for 750 miles and 5 days then roughly east for the next 3000 miles  

All well