Friday 19th Dec 14:32.52N 053:12.52W

Excellence of Dart
Peter Coxon
Fri 19 Dec 2014 18:21

The wind filled in a little at 4a.m. so all sails filled and engine off for over 7 hours so that has helped our journey. We are playing nip and tuck with the wind strength and angles and our reserves of fuel, so are making loads of sail changes to try a different way of eeking out every tenth of a knot from the yacht. Luckily we have Neil the sail trimmer and race skipper extraordinaire to tweak

We have just spotted another yacht on the starboard bow- we come in peace – shoot to kill. So another crew who are plodding along on course but struggling with the gentle down wind breezes. We are closing slowly but our main challenge is to get into port in time for Monday’s flights for Neil and Jane.

I remain hopeful but am not placing any bets at present.

We have been sailing through and around massive ‘islands’ of an unusual seaweed, and this morning we crossed the line between two contrary currents, which is quite unusual so far out to sea. We can’t work out where all this weed has come from or when it may have broken free, which storms where and when might have ripped so much away? I am using this weed as the perfect excuse for catching no fish apart from the suicidal flying fish. The bait just gets fouled up on huge clumps of these bright orange clusters of growth so no fish can find their way to the hooks...


A juvenile gannet flew around us and we watched him practise his dives. He was diving at an angle and failing to streamline his wings so was crashing into the sea in an ungainly fashion. Luckily there were none of his peers watching.

Nigella Jane Lawson was our travelling chef last night conjuring up a wonderful quiche. Obviously she couldn’t sleep but never been know to cook on tv  just in a swimming costume.

Tonight Jamie Neil Oliver will be creating something out of not very much left so I sense a curry coming on.


All well