Wednesday 3rd December 20:49.22N 021:49.80W

Excellence of Dart
Peter Coxon
Wed 3 Dec 2014 18:04

Cracked the 300 mile to go barrier so less than 2 days to CV all being well.

Another good sailing day with sun, cloud and F4-5 breezes much of the time.

Roaring along at 7-8K for hour after hour lifts the spirits and at 24degrees air and water temperature all is well

A day to hoist the extra small sails to add another 1/10 of a knot


Birds spotted 3- think they are storm petrels, according to Neil’s bird book

Lazily fell asleep on the fore deck in the sunshine

Unusually we passed a cargo ship heading north, possibly from the CV islands

Every now and then someone will rustle up tea or coffee and we are getting through the mince pies too quickly to last


Even now Janet is in the galley prepping for supper- a ratatouille

Yet the mention of a rat brings back horrid memories of our previous rodent visitors

Eleven days it took to finish the worst one off

Sad day for Ratty that day but one of relief  for skip


Xmas eve is just 3 weeks away. But no shops or jingles or adverts to seduce  us- in fact we haven’t spent a thing for 4 days!