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Excellence of Dart
Peter Coxon
Wed 29 Oct 2014 19:24

Wednesday 29th October

Departure minus 3 days


A busy half day today as we took time out to visit the monkeys on the rock. They were quite friendly and seemed to pose for the cameras at times, though it may be that they were too lethargic to move. Many however were quite active leaping and swinging about from branch to branch. Could have done with one of them up the mast yesterday. Wondered quite how intelligent they are and what communication skills they have and could be taught. Reminded me of the experiments in the 70s when crazy Americans would take a chimp into their homes to live with them and would teach them to use sign language and test their competence. We just waved at our monkeys as we left but they didn’t wave back!

Steve in the galley, again. Bubbly loaded for the half way mark, the arrival into Barbados and Christmas- that’s advanced planning for you...


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