friday 5th Dec 16:53.18N 024:59.50W

Excellence of Dart
Peter Coxon
Fri 5 Dec 2014 19:12

Made good time and arrived into Mindelo on St Vicente in the cape Verde islands around 1400hrs local (1500gmt/uct)

Everyone friendly

Off to find some of the famous local music this eve then a day of rest/pottering/further preps

So all well

Weather forecast for the next week suggests winds will be from the right direction (NE/ENE) and pretty gentle (10-15K) so we may need to supplement sailing with some motor sailing to keep on track

Everyone in fine spirits

Watched a Corys shearwater fly around us in the night- thought it was an albatross for a while but we are way too far north.

Talking about life and sailing ( with waves building from behind) Steve suggested we should never look back

Trouble is he applies that rule to his driving as well hence there are various parts of the back of his car missing!


Next blog should be Sunday night after an early morning departure

Cheers from us all