Tuesday 9th Dec 16:08.03N 031:07.90W

Excellence of Dart
Peter Coxon
Tue 9 Dec 2014 18:32

Another day of calm

We sailed for a while this morning but have been motor sailing the rest of the day. By midnight tonight we are likely to have burned 30+% of our fuel but covered only 20+% of the passage.

The forecast is for gradually increasing breezes of 10+K from tomorrow so we remain optimistic of an arrival more or less on time and certainly with time for some swims and rums for the crew who have to fly back on 22nd Dec.

Listening to Mama Mia -Janet and Jane dancing  ( or swaying ) in the gentle 10ft Atlantic swell. Boys are doing jobs below decks and pretending not to like it but secretly singing along to all the famous old Abba songs we still know the words of. What  a group they were.

We passed another yacht last night which is better than the other way round. Mike Berrows and crew left direct from Tenerife and should therefore be ahead and with better winds, but we enjoyed breaking the journey and dipping a toe again into the African/Portuguese  islands and culture. Expect to drink a toast with them in less than 2 weeks

Just eaten freshly cooked flapjacks c/o Janet with afternoon tea and ‘listen with mother’ chapter 12 of our story.

Early blog today as I am the ‘travelling chef’ today