35:45.54N 049:18.01W Wed Apr 22nd

Excellence of Dart
Peter Coxon
Wed 22 Apr 2015 18:09

A peaceful night of motor sailing brought us into a grey damp drizzly and strengthening SW breeze, now a F4 and soon to be a F5 but forecast to be no more- a small trough between 2 highs and maybe a proper low further behind and north. We’ve seen 4 ships in the last 2 days so are on some shipping route between New York and Europe. Managing 7-8.5K so maintaining an above ave speed overall.

5 days gone and 785M sailed towards the Azores with now exactly 1000 M to Horta on the island of Faial. This is the most famous and most stopped at Azores island for transatlantic boats and we are supposed to draw our boat and boat name on the harbour wall, a tradition well established and a portent of good luck. We have also to visit the sports bar overlooking the harbour owned by three generations of the same family, unlike the FBI which has been frequented by four generations of my family now that young Zac has been introduced to the establishment.

So tomorrow we should be half way and we will celebrate with may be a small beer ( we have been dry so far) and firing up the washing machine- we are so domesticated!  


Broke the main outhaul again today. This was a poor quality replacement bought in Elba in July so I should replace it in Horta if not before. Meanwhile we re-threaded it through the boom and had the main out again within 20mins which whilst hardly grand prix timing was nevertheless a satisfying repair.


Pizza night tonight. There is a take away joint about half way across the ocean if we can find it. Changed the lure on hte fishing ine to bright fuscia pink today given a) the lack of response to the old and half eaten blue squid and b) the grey weather that prompts need for a brighter attraction ( sais the massively experienced ocean fisherman)


So a fish dish tomorrow...may be.


A good night’s kippage followed by bacon and eggs for breaky- with the calmer seas comes greater/easier effort in the galley.

All well