Halfway Ceremonial Moving of the ARC Banner - CALISO

Wed 5 Dec 2007 17:04
we passed the halfway mark in the night and so we had to have the ancient traditional ceremonial moving of the banner from port to starboard ready for our arrival in st. lucia.  this was carried out this afternoon with due pomp and gravity - as you can see from their faces.  what?  another photo?  they are all stars really but somewhat publicity shy.
we are now having cake and champagne to celebrate.  next celebration day after tomorrow we think.  it's another lovely sunny day here.  it's getting hotter and hotter, but luckily there is always a lovely breeze.  even at night it is a warm breeze. i've had a two hour kip and feel much more human again.  i dont like to sleep in the few precious daylight hours but i was falling asleep on deck so needs must and i didn't want to do the same as mark, bob and keith stevo in the canaries in september - fall asleep and fall off the seat.  always very amusing for those watching but quite a shocking and embarrassing moment for those falling in the middle of a nice dream.  just a quickie really now as my cake is calling.

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