Re: Electrics Problem

Sun 2 Dec 2007 20:18
 Boys and Girls
I have spoken to our electrical engineer Taff at the club, I am sure Sweden yachts may be able to help better than us but here goes.
The electronic equipment on board GPS Chart Plotter etc normally runs from 14 v to 38 v and you can go to the lower without suffering any problems.
The auto helm depending on what model it is, uses a motor drawing  at least 24 v to do the job.
The 7 amps you checked how long was that showing was it monetary or continuous , and what was on?
Look at the wind generator using multi meter check volts received.
In Taffs view you can go safely down to 20 v on the battery.
If you are concerned get the multi meter and check all components drawing power by splitting red in series and checking load.
Temp sensor on battery just to inform you if over charging
What type of batteries are they fluid or gel? and what is their capacity.
Hope this helps , I have included Taff into this message so you can talk to him if need be.