CALISO MONDAY 10th December

Mon 10 Dec 2007 12:45
we had a beautiful sunny day yesterday - what a relief - no one really wanted to do much except sit and relax.  we also had a quiet normal night - main up, starry skies, shooting stars, much flatter seas and no foulies!!!!  only needed a fleece and left cushions on deck.  how can two nights be so different?  the sunset was truly astounding and we all said it had to be in our top five ever.  see photo which doesn't do it justice as the whole sky was red/pink and the clouds left and right and it went on and on.  had chilli and rice for supper and a bottle of bubbly to celebrate all the missed celebrations.  today will be hot.  yesterday i burnt my back - can't believe it as i'm normally miss health and safety nagging everyone else to drink their water and put on suntan lotion.  no one can understand it as i wasn't sitting there long and certainly not sunbathing - maybe because we'd had no sun for 3 days.
we've just passed a canadian boat on the way to barbados and had a little chat with the as we flew past.  they left las palmas on 17th november already and just want to arrive before xmas.  they only had one small sail up.  one guy and two girls it appeared to be!!  lucky chappy.  we also passed a spanish boat during the bad weather and had a vhf chat with him with lisa and becky practicing their spanish.
forgot to mention that also during the bad weather we had an e-mail mayday from the arc and mark plotted their position to being about 60 miles north of us - broken mast - 3 people - mark called falmouth coastguards on the sat phone but thank god they had already been picked up and were safe.  funny moment, it must have brought all sorts back from 2 years ago and also the worry of those poor people and the tiredness and our horrible storm, i had to have a little cry.  mark said later he felt very moved too.  anyway, they and all others with problems that we have heard about seem all to have been rescured, so fingers crossed those still in that horrible front will also be ok and through it soon.  we are still playing ducking and diving with the low and keeping south and doing everything to avoid any further contact with it.  will hopefully find out after this next send and receive that the bastard has moved north and is now out of the way. 
we are down to 521 miles to go and are still hopeful for thurs/fri depending if we keep our wind.  we crossed 2,000 miles mark in the night.  mark and i were on the early 4-8am shift and had a gorgeous sunrise and saw dolphins - not bad for a monday morning.  we did spare a thought for all those poor souls on the M25!
i have just had the most fantastic shower on the planet - probably didn't use more than 2 litres of water - took about 15 mins standing in the shower with conditioner in my hair to get out all the knots.  took another 10 minutes once i was finished to pick up all the lost hair!  still it was nice and flat and i had the shower hatch open so it was all rather nice and i know feel like a human again.  lisa has just had her shower and washer her hair (2 weeks and 2 days she has just told me) and also feels fab.  her turn to open the advents calendar and she's just eaten a snowman.  it really is hard to even think about christmas.  sure once we arrive with all the decorations up in st. lucia we will feel more so.
short disclaimer:  the crew found out that mark had promised to do the rest of my night shifts and washing up shifts if i said nice things about him, but the crew now insist that i also say how brilliant they have been or i will have to do twice as many night shifts.  Not easy keeping them all happy!  but, of course, bob and dave gave invaluable help in the tricky situations and us girls have been keeping them fed and hydrated and cleaning and pulling the occasional sheet (rope!), so well done us too.   phew!  close call that one.  not sure if my journalistic credibity hasn't suffered a fatal blow here (not that i ever had any!!)
becky has been sending messages in bottles - two so far - see next lovely picture with her dad - she is doing reike on her bottle before throwing it over!
think that's about all - can't believe i'm boring people with our personal hygiene issues, but there it is.  we are all sweet smelling today - everyone else had a shower yesterday.  i blew up the lilo - blue and white stipes - so we are the bees knees now.  right, that's it until tomorrow.

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