Tue 4 Dec 2007 12:48
i was going to have a day off today, but no one else wanted to type!  not a lot to report really.  we had a lovely supper last night, if somewhat dry, but that's couscous for you - we added loads of soya sauce.  dave then added half a glass of red wine to his flavours from around the world shorts.  lisa had a good idea on that subject the other day.  she had on a fresh polo shirt - light blue - and unfortunately splashed red sauce down it.  seeing as it had to last for a couple of days, she got some white sticking tape and covered up the offending stain.  we could do this for dave's shorts but 1. is there really enough sticking tape on board and 2. if so, would it not really be quicker to just create a new pair of shorts from sticking tape and then, back to the spa theme, everytime he took them off he could have a complimentary leg and bum wax.  will probably now get an irate e-mail from dawn saying that her dave doesn't need a bum wax - sorry dawn.  bob has also been somewhat of a mucky pup - not unusual - but bless, he loves his showers and he'd just had his first one a few days ago and got some fresh kit on when a beer took out a bowl of chili and he ended up wearing most of it.  same happened after the second shower with coke - what is the old adage - the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.  the rest of us are managing to stay reasonably clean - except my bra straps - yuch - used to be dusty pink - i know, too much information again.
whilst on the subject of what we miss most - for bob it's his showers - we had a serious-ish discussion about this last night and apart from the obvious loved ones, none of us are really missing anything. well, i am missing crisp white sheets, my tempur mattress and a stationary bed.  but we are not missing mobile phones, traffic, shouting and all the other everyday noises. i do miss my dishwasher running as i love the sound of whooshing water whilst sitting at the kitchen table, but we all have to make sacrifices. probably the only other thing i miss is terry on wake up with wogan so i'm going to send him an e-mail requesting that lovely song sail away by randy newman, not that we will hear it, but everyone else will and i'll put it on the archos and pretend it was from terry.
Thank you dawn for the missing verses to a partridge in a pear tree - or maybe not thank you.  i'm sure it will improve with practice and they have got plenty of time to perfect it before st. lucia.
our wind died in the night and we had to put the engine on for a while - it's just now, as i am typing, picked up again and the boys have got the sails back out.  the sun is out, a few clouds and the sea is dead calm.  it reminds me of baldrick of black adder fame's description of the sea whilst trying to define the letter "C" from the alphabet - he said - "C" - it's a big blue wobbly thing.  that's what it's like today.  shame we can't beam you over for the day jane - you would love it - don't tell anyone, but i've smuggled a lilo on board - might blow it up later.
i've just had my second shower - it is day 10.  i had the first and now everyone else has had their second, so i have too.  i then thought i would not put on the same little blue skirt that i have now had on for 16 days - i do get easily bored with clothes, don't you? - and so i have put on a little sundress.  i then wet - not washed - my hair and arrived on deck.  when asked what product i had used today, i replied the AC whipping mousse which is when mark told me that he had actually promised andrew that he would take over the marine advertising market for him.  so off we went on to the deck for a glamourous photo shoot.  apparently mark and i now get a 15% share of any increased sales.  thank you andrew that is very generous.  of course, what i can't tell everyone is that lisa also has some AC shampoo and conditioner on board but unlucky for her, she tipped them over into other containers for the trip.  otherwise you would all have had to put up with a gorgeous 23-year old model.  lucky miss really. 
today we are just going to have a little relax and read and later on - imminently awaited with fanfare and huge excitement levels - the halfway mark and i've been told it's all downhill sailing after that.  we are enjoying the journey but we will all enjoy the arrival too.  i've been told that day or night you are greeted by free rum - it's one of the two reasons i decided to go last time.  can't wait. apparently lots of people have been seen to arrive, step on dry land and then promptly fall over!!  i'll have my camera ready...

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