CALISO - tuesday 11th december

Tue 11 Dec 2007 11:37
it's tuesday and the sun is shining - uneventful night - 2 reefs in the main - had to bring in headsail on first shift with bob and i as gusting over 30k but we had good speeds of high 7s, low 8s knots all through the night.  current miles to go - 354 - so thursday is still looking good - two more night shifts.  last night as bob and i are on shift together and we had a really rolling night, sleeping in a double bed as a nightmare so i got up at 4am and moved to the couch as soon as dave had vacated it and got a few hours there - definately the spot to sleep - fresh air and can't move anywhere.
today's picture tells the story of tin tin and his red shark adventure.  dave is chilled as you can see.  i told him it was his turn to have a picture sent but warned if we saw a whale or something similar he would get bumped for a quieter news day, but lucky for all dave fans, we didn't see any marine life, so here he is.
becky is busy making scrambled eggs for us all.  i made tea and coffee when we were all up - i don't think many of you will understand how difficult a task hot drinks are when the boat is rolling this much.  just trying to get the boiling water in the right cup/tea pot is bad enough without burning yourself - the gimble on the oven is broken so we cannot put it in the tilt position which allows it to move with the boat motion, so we have to be extra careful.  then trying to keep cups upright in the sink whilst milk, sugar etc is added is the 2nd challenge and then the hardest is actually getting the hot drink up the companionway to the people above.  after our shift last night when i was making one for mark and lisa a big wave completely threw me off balance just as i was passing a cup up and half ended on the stairs and i slammed my shoulder into the door trying not to spill it.  but i must say, a cup of tea tastes even the better for knowing how hard it is to make and then drink.
you can tell it's a slow news day as i am twittering on about cups of tea.  we had another brilliant starry night and we are all now basically in countdown mode.  the first boat in our category has apparently arrived - the racing division has already had lots of arrivals.
i am also sending a lovely photo of the girls in their sundresses which they have basically been living in for about 5 days now.
yesterday morning becky made up a playlist on the archos of christmas songs and much to mark and dave's disgust, we all sang along for about an hour until they both threatened to jump overboard and then normaly music went back on.  it is somewhat difficult to feel even the slightest bit christmassy out here.  the waves yesterday were the best.  deep beautiful blue and typical trade waves - big but gentle.  we had one which lifted us up - as usual - as we were just waiting for the slide down the wave but nothing happened - it was almost like someone let the air out and we just went back down again.  i did a little video of the waves which i will try to send once we arrive - you just have to hear and see these waves to really understand how lovely they are.  and then they break near the back or side of the boat and in between the white at the top and the blue at the bottom you often get a thin strip of green - like seethrough green glass - as the sun is caught behind the wave as it breaks.  i could watch them for hours. 
well enough news for a no news day.  last day at sea tomorrow - hopefully and then we will all be on the mobiles again as soon as we see land - it's been nice not having them ring all the time.  jan xx

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