Tue 27 Nov 2007 12:35
Hi, sorry about the delay in writing but we had large swells and high winds - gusting up to 35k on the first night.  the start was great, we stayed back out of the crowds and set off surfing down the waves.  we reached 12.7k surfing down a particularly big one.  due to the conditions i was rather queezy for a while and so were becky and lisa but not so bad.  luckily no one was sick.  the first whole day shot by with lots of shifts and lots of sleeping in between.  today is our 3rd morning already and the sun is out and it is already much warmer.  we saw lots of dolphins on the first afternoon but nothing since.  seas have settled down much more now.  we were glad to have food ready to put in the oven as no one would have felt like cooking.  bob, as usual, has been doing most of the galley work with his iron guts but i managed to wash up for the first time this morning!!  the team photo shows the two young women - lisa with dark hair is mark the skipper's daughter and becky with blond hair is bob' daughter.  i'm the not quite so young woman with the curls (Jan).  bob is the bald one, mark is the dark curly haired one and dave is the ed harris look alike in the front.  both nights so far we have had to put the engine on for 2 hours where we had less wind but it's been steady the rest of the time.  weather reports are coming in regularly and all looks great.  we are now all on deck, listening to reggae music, eating fruit salad that becky made and the guys are fishing for tuna for tea!  this is what it is all about.  the first 48 hours just have to be got through. more soon.... Jan xx 

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