Just in case

Sun 2 Dec 2007 11:17
we are having electrics problems.  now just in case the worst comes to the worst we might not be able to charge our laptop and we will have to conserve our sat phone so e-mails might stop.  do not worry if this happens. it might not firstly and if it does it might only be until we get a fix.  the implications for us are that we will have to conserve all battery power, helm by hand and we have two hand held gps units so no worries there either.  this probably wont happen but just in case we dont want anyone to worry.  we are just under 1000 miles and it wont be long until we are half way there. 
not much more news today as everyone wants to catch up on e-mails.  i did mean to say that we haven't seen another yacht for 3 days but at least one tanker per day.  loads of flying fish.  skies bit overcase today but sea much calmer.  speeds good and we are making good time and direction.  no one has a bloody clue what time it is, but apart from that we are fine. jan