Two days to go

Fri 23 Nov 2007 10:51
This week is absolutely flying by.  Attached photo of our pontoon gives some idea of the festive spirit - the boats all have their bunting flags up and everywhere is a hive of activity as boats are checking, repairing and provisioning.  We have been really busy every day with each person doing their different jobs.  The boat is nearly there, we have been going through our onboard safety checks and drills and we are all just getting excited now and eager to get off.  Yesterday poured all day but today the sun has come out again.  We've been to a few happy hours and a fancy dress party this week and last night Jan and his wife from Sweden Yachts took us out for a lovely meal in the old town in a gorgeous restaurant.  We had drinks on Caliso first - all 19 of us!  See picture.  Talk about standing room only!  Good night.  Today Bob and Dave are off picking up Dave's wife and son who are arriving to see us off.  The girls are on the boat waiting for the safety guy to check us out one last time and Mark is at his favourite place - the chandlery!!  We have joined the sailing club for the week and I am sitting there in the sun doing our diary and checking mail.  We are going sailing this afternoon for the first time so that Becky can familiarize herself with the boat and we can check a few things.  They have forecast rain for Sunday for the start which will be a shame, but fingers crossed!!  The trade winds should set in almost straight away this year and so hopefully we won't have to search for the wind like two years ago.  More soon.  Hope photo gets through and then I will send some more.  xx

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