Wed 5 Dec 2007 12:20
what a night!  After 8-12 shift thought i might have a good kip but apparently the wind and waves were against that.  we were on a port tack which is not good for the double front cabin and although i thought i had wedged myself to the side of the boat at the top of the hill that is the bed, twice in the night, after bob had returned from his 12-4am shift, i was propelled from my heights directly onto bob and pushed him into the lee cloth.  now you guys are probably thinking that's not too bad, but what you have to realize is that i arrived with knees and elbows first in the small of his back.  normally you have aches and pains and wake up refreshed.  here you go to bed fine and wake up with every conceivable ache - shoulders, back, neck........  still, it is therefore a pleasure to get up.  i arrived on deck for my 8am shift start and dave (who i am partnering again as of last night) was already up.  i asked him if he was getting some overtime in and he replied that he'd only come up to complain about the noise and was prompty sent to the bow to pole out the headsail.  once that was over mark and dave set about fixing the kettle as the handle broke off last night.  we thought we had a spare inflatable kettle or at least a rehydrateable kettle, but we couldn't find either.  unfortunately the glue got everywhere and dave will have to complete the trip now with the kettle glued to his left knee.   no, seriously, they fixed it, of course.  dave then tipped half his tea over his tracksuit bottoms because he thought he had his shorts on!!  mark then tipped half his tea over the seat and we had had about twenty laughs before 8.30am!!  i've got bags on my bags under my eyes and we are all tired, but we are having a ball.  dave's quick wit and sense of humour are a constant source of laughter.
we had VHF contact with our nearest neighbour - Jigsaw - yesterday afternoon.  they are a 53' oyster but we have been pacing them for days. mark and their skipper swopped some sail info and fishing info.  we really just wanted to boast about our catch.  they haven't had anything for days so mark kindly said that when we overhaul them we will drop off a portion of fish as we really have much too much!!  speaking of which, it was absolutely amazing.  you don't get fish much fresher than that.  just look at these steaks and these were from the mid-section.  we froze the really thick ones.
well we passed the half way mark in the night so today we will have the ceremonial moving of the ARC position number banner from the port to the starboard side which is where it has to be for our arrival. more champagne and chicken curry is on the menu for tonight.  beautiful sunny days but bigger swell than yesterday and that is forecast to get bigger and bigger as the winds increase over the next few days.  more later

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