Heading home from the Azores

Fri 24 Jul 2009 09:18
Amoret and her crew (Andrew, Barry, Berend and Tony) left Sao Miguel early on Mon 20th July. A small low forming just east of the Azores deepened a bit more than expected and gave us some sustained F6-8 occasionally gusting F9 through Tuesday night, but since then we have been sailing in winds between NW and SW mainly F4-5, occasionally a bit more or less. Heavy rain yesterday (Thursday) coincided neatly with Andrew's 4-hour morning watch, but since then it has been mainly sunny (or starry) with pillows of fair-weather cumulus cloud. Wildlife sightings include several pods of common dolphin and 1 pod each of spotted dolphin and bottlenose dolphin, plus an attache case-sized turtle. All the crew are getting enough rest and good food (wonderful Sao Jorge cheese for lunch - we bought 2 Kg) though if the gin and tonic at happy hour runs out we may all have to drink beer.