Day 19

Tue 23 May 2023 13:15
39:21N 32:18W

Day 19
Another roller coaster of a day. 

Amazing sunrise accompanied by incredibly rich wildlife. Sealife and birdlife a plenty. 

Judging that we had enough northing, course was made with a more easterly heading. 

After weeks at sea, we saw our first land. Flores. It looks stunning and most certainly a place to visit. I was hoping to stop for bunkers. However, on arrival, there was no guarantee that they would be open, it looked exposed to the NE, there was not daylight to get in and out (in case of a hitch) and the wind was forecast to veer to the east — right on the nose. 

I decided to push past onwards to Horta. We’ve fuel enough to enter the port of Horta and we’ll simply sail using the breeze. 

Drama first thing at what I suspected would be a long night. 

The headsail sheet got caught in the block. This involved shooting forwards, detaching the unit and bringing it all back in one piece. All very time consuming and frustrating. 

Breeze steadied at between 11 to 15 knots over night. We kept to the north of course so we did not get knocked south of the island as the wind shifted. 

Sleepless night to follow. 

19_ Block 1.jpg19_ Block 2.jpg19_ Dolphin Pod.jpeg19_ Dolphin Swimby.jpeg19_ Flores sunset.jpeg19_ Galley at angle.jpg19_ Q Flag.jpg19_ Sunrise.jpg19_ Work at heel.jpg