Day 13

Thu 18 May 2023 00:30
31:26.0N 46:48.0W

Day 13
A day of mixed blessings and excitement. 

Time at sea is a strain. Missing loved ones and thoughts from within. The ocean has a way of asking questions at a whole number of levels of ones mental, physical and emotional health. 

A lovely starry night. Breeze coming from the quarter (over the shoulder and ideal wind angle). Quite of bit of commercial shipping traffic to keep the focus and some entertaining radio calls.

Despite fatigue levels being high and all somewhat tired and drained a massive breakthrough breaking the 1,000 miles to go barrier. 

Dinner was zucchini burger with not sweet potato mash, caramelised onions and green jus.

The Not-Sweet-Potatoes pretty tasty and easily mashable. 

Fair breeze

13_ Boat Block Bungee.jpg13_ Zucchini Zoo Burger Prep.jpg13_ Not sweet pot 2.jpg13_ Not sweet pot 1.jpeg13_ Main.jpeg13_ Plain Sailing.jpg