Day 17

Sun 21 May 2023 15:13

37:56N 37:37W

Day 17
A day for incredible moments. 

Starting with Jupiter reflecting clearly from the surface of the ocean, with near spiritual majesty.

Just after sunrise, spotted a solitary turtle slowly swimming away the ocean quite happily. 

Moving towards a variety of moments and emotions. Chasing down water ingress source, is it even an Ingress of water? Keeping minds open to possibility and all options. Took re-count of all bunkers; peace in knowledge, knowing how much fuel we actually have. 

Mixture been motoring, motor sailing and sailing. Concept being to climb north on the edge of the high to maximise from a beneficial breeze direction as we turn to Azores, clearing to to the south of Flores. 

Plenty of whales being sighted. The highlight being one just a couple of meters from the boat. Not sure whether to feel in awe, scared or both! Truly a magical moment, as all crew were on deck together to share the moment. 

We had some moments on Port Tack, where the wind comes from the port, left-hand side. This is quite weird as since leaving SXM, we have only been on Starboard. 

Plenty of dolphins, more whales, sailfish and jelly fish. 

Onwards into the night. 

17_ Bilge leak hunting.jpg17_ Bunkers.jpg17_ Clean sunny sailing.jpg17_ Dolphin friend.jpg17_ Turtle.jpg17_ Westwards.jpg17_ Whale friend.jpeg