Day 11

Mon 15 May 2023 00:07

29:51.3N 049:27.6W

Day 11
An interesting day. 

Celebrate … we cracked the half-way mark. Our trip distance since departure is greater than our distance left to run to Azores. Tomorrow, we’ll have a special dinner and desert!

Some very light airs today. Light airs are as challenging in their own way as strong wind sailing. Different challenge, challenge nonetheless. 

Sleep can be difficult in heat and with the rolling and groaning of a boat with flapping sails, nerves can start to fray. 

Had plenty of squalls to contend with over night. No fish. Plenty of sea weed caught. 

We attempted to re-mouse the lost halyard this afternoon. Traditional British failure … where we celebrated great success for failing to achieve our objective. The Shackleton school of leadership ;)

Had our final Shashuka dinner with a magnificent sunset. Clouds looking like something out of Starwars. 

As we were eating a Dan Buoy was spotted by our eagle-eyed Italian. We retrieved it and will investigate further in daylight. 

Maybe some breeze tomorrow. 

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