Day 12

Mon 15 May 2023 23:46

Day 12

Yea Haa!

The breeze came. 

Trundling along at around 7.5 knots SOG (Speed Over Ground). 

Had a problem with the track on the self-tacking headsail car, which we managed to solve after several attempts. Bloke logic failed. Girl logic success. Strategic application of force, opposed to club it harder. You’ll note a little zig zagging on track as we attempted to solve this.

The sailing yacht C-Quest passed close by at midnight local time. We hailed them to make sure they had seen us. They weren’t too chatty. 

Overnight was very light airs. Slow moving. Mirror like oily sea. You’ll see from the low-res photos the magnificent range of colour. 

There was a small window for swimming opportunity before the breeze filled in. Was a lovely change state. Always feels a little odd when your feet can’t touch the bottom because it’s 5 kilometres beneath you. 

That said it is good to know we are never far from land. 

Celebration dinner — glass of red wine, with Parmigiana and Tiramisú for desert. 

Onwards into the night. 

Fair breeze


12_ Sunset.jpg12_ Parmigiana.jpg12_ Half-way Dinner.jpg12_ Sun Rise.jpeg12_ Coffee View.jpg12_ Batten Car.jpg12_ Batten Car Buddies.jpg12_ Tack Car Strop.jpg