Day 14

Thu 18 May 2023 00:38

Day 14
All the threes in our latitude. 

Sleepless night had. Few ships to dodge and creaks to fix. Then a little drama with low battery and no charge being made. All seems to be sorted now. 

Broke 800nm to go to Azores. This was another good barrier down. 

Made some new South African friends sailing on Juliana, bound Gibraltar via Azores. May share a toast together on arrival. Though they slowly overhauling us at time of writing. 

Looks like a final push with weather to the line. Another day or so of sailing, then the Azores High bringing sailing to a halt with no wind forecast from about Friday lunchtime. Some motoring, followed by hopefully a decent wind angle to the islands as the wind fills in again late Sunday / early Monday. 

How ships look on AIS verses reality. The most essential navigation equipment on a vessel …

We cracked into the watermelon today. Ohhh my. Tasted amazing. 


The most essential navigation equipment on a vessel …

The Mark I, human eyeball. 

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