Day 16

Sat 20 May 2023 00:39
36:18N 39:01W

Day 16
Whales, dolphins, sail-fish things, swimming, whales, more whales and aiding fellow seafarers with a fuel transfer. 

Today was a day for wildlife. Whales were the highlight and there were plenty of them. Photos do limited justice, a good day to have a decent drone available. That would have been awesome! 

We enjoyed the breeze, it was nice sailing against a couple of other yachts and looking at the difference a little trimming makes. Some good banter with Juliana and indeed Aqualina. The latter finding the presence of a Cheese Eating Chocolate Monster most funny. The former not having any bacon and looking to skin one of their Danish crew for their brai.

More whales. Dolphins. 

Breeze dropped through the day as you’ll see from the track and notes. 

We offered to assist Aqualina. They were running pretty dry on fuel, have no external weather info and are chasing down a few gremlins. Although we have very limited supplies of fuel ourselves, it is absolutely standard to aid another vessel. With the changing weather picture them having another four or five hours of fuel could be the difference for them. 

Also spoke to the Old Man on 44m m/y Moatize. They on route to Gibraltar, from Florida (left 11 days ago) and pausing in Horta on route. 

More whales and dolphins. 

The nights are much colder now, we are all noticing the temperature drop after the 28º c Caribbean evenings. The days are still warm and needing to cover from the sun to prevent crisping

Great dinner of spaghetti, tuna, capers and zing. A little toast with some shared SXM hops. 

Fair breeze

16_ Suncover.jpeg
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