Diary The Big Dream

Sat 3 Dec 2011 23:13

We all stay up till fiur in the morning with the spi powering us along.We are now six miles ahead of One Hull.We have no hope of beating them on corrected time but finishing well ahead of him is a consolation.At 04:00 a squall hits us with winds up to35 knots(8 Beaufort0.We saw it coming and changed down to the genny.So ends Friday.

Saturday 3 Dec.

08:00 We are now 235 miles from SL.As dawn breaks up comes the red monster.We spot three new holes in it!They will be repaired when we lower it to gybe.The wind is getting lighter,but good enough to make progress.Our navigator,Liaroutsos,spots One Hull on AIS and tells us they are sailing at 14 knots and closing.We find this hard to believe as the wind is light and they never showed such turn of speed.It later transpires that the boat in question was a steamer named POPI(!)which had an AIS code ending in 4000 ,like One Hull.They are actually 24 miles behind.We speak often with M.Stasinopoulos the other greek boat.It is a big 72ft catamaran.They have had a bad race.they used the engine repeatedly and gave up today to motor to SL in the light wind.Still they are barely ahead of us.We have had problems again with the spi.Twice we took it down to repair holes and once because the second guy broke too!Its still up and powering us.

23;00 We are now 55miles from SL.Its dark and the landfall is a few hours away.Ioanna and Soula are in SL and are waiting for us.The bubbly is already on ice!a