Diary The Big Dream

Wed 23 Nov 2011 14:07

Monday 21 Nov.

16;00 We gybe the spinnaker without taking it down to save time.It catches between the two sheets and tears across.The sail,our workhorse,is torn more than 15 metres!We take it down and immediately fly

our remaining huge red kite.If we tear this one too.we will be left without a proper downwind sail.Dispondency reigns on Acool.We  hold a quick council of war and decide to attempt to repair the blue spi, our workhorse.We are not sure whether we have enough materials for the job,but what the hell we will give it a try,

18:30 The wind  freshens to 23knots and we take the red spi down without amishap,It has an area of 600 sqare metres and is very difficult to handle in strong wind and the constsant big swell.We unfurl the genoa and sail over 10 knots.Work has started no the torn sail.We dragged it in the salon and are working on the table.The torn edges are cut straight with scissors and stuck with sailcloth patches.It takes up to midnight to finish the patching,then it will have to be stiched by hand!

Tuesday 22 Nov.

07:00 The wind held at night and we are making good progress.We area moving southwards like our competion to avoid an area of no wnd on Friday.If we get through without losing speed we will gain vis avis the boats to the north.The last thing we wish is to be becalmed in this swell.

08;00 Work is resumed on the spinnaker.It takes all day with crew alternating on the job.Special mention goes to Lenidas and Stellios.

We try the red spi but are unable to lift the snuffer and we do not insist as the wind is strong.Poling out the genoa to go more downwind is also not possible,so we are sailing with the genoa.

We decide to gybe to the south and stay on this course for the next 48 hrs.

Wednesday 23 Nov.

07:00 The wind is pretty stable and we are doing 11-12knots under main and genoa.

11:00 Work is finished on the blue spi but its blowing 25knots and we would rather try the repair in lighter winds.So say a little prayer for it not to disintergrate when we next rise it