Sun 20 Nov 2011 16:52

20/11/11 SUNDAY

After months of preparation and a long delivery trip,here we are at Las Palmas poised for the departure!The trade winds have set in in earnest and we are expecting favourable winds for the next 4 days.

11;00 Cast off.last contact with land for many days.

12:45 Start of race.Started with asymmetric ahead of the pack.Our two competitors,the Challenger 72 boats,started with genoas and soon fell behind.

14;00 An Austrian boat,Vaquita crosses ahead of us going very fast.She is a40ft racer and a strong enemy.We pass most of the cats including Stadium and are very well placsd.

16:00 Wind has freshened to 25knots and we are flying!We clocked 17.7knots and are steadily over 14.Saint Lucia here we come.