FW: Diary The Big Dream

Fri 25 Nov 2011 12:34

16:00 We continue under main and blue spi going fast.

19;00 Night is approaching.We decided to keep the spi up all night as the wind is under 20 knots.Thus we should gain a significant advantage.

21:00 Suddenly the spi tears along the repair lines and turns to tatters.Spinnaker finito,kaput,mat.We are all very unhappy as we cannot repair it.It is too far gone and we no longer have the necessary materials.In retrospect we should have brought along a sail sewing machine and one more smaller spinnaker,which could be kept up at night without difficulty.Experience is gained the hard way,they say

Friday 25/11

07:00 All night we sailed in light weather with main and genoa.The gains of the day were lost at night.As soon as it gets light we fly the red monster,in15-17knots of wind.We continue like this sailing fast.

12:00 The wind has freshened to20-22 and still we keep the spi.Lets hope for the best!