Diary The Big Dream

Thu 24 Nov 2011 17:00

We continue to sail with main and genoa doing 10-11 knots in a fine breeze.The wind has veered to ESE which allows us to point higher towards Saint Lucia.We are sailing on the same port gybe as our competitors ,but are falling back a little as we cannot yet fly the spinnaker.Today is the birthday of Leonidas.No cake,however.Bad planning!Our dinner is chicken and rice,better than mama’s.We have refrigerated food from Las Palmas and Mimis combines it with rice,puree or pasta.Succulent.

Thursday 24/11

07:00 Our competitors are gaining on us.We really need the spinnaker.As it gets light,we raise it.It holds.YUHAH. Half an hour later we spot a weakness in the repair and down it comes for rectification.20 minutes later we fly it again.It allows us to sail 2 knots faster and 5degrees closer to target.

12:00 The miday fix brings good news.We are ameliorating our position,not dramatically in 4 hours,but in the right direction.Patience ,Saint lucia is along way away.

13:45 We breech the 2000 miles distance to destination.2000 miles,bah a mere bagatelle!