Diary The Big Dream

Wed 30 Nov 2011 19:14

The wind is 22-25knots and we sail under main and genny.at\\At noon we hoist the spi and our speed takes off.We hit 18 knots but don’t break our record of 18,2knots downwind at Kavo Doro.Lunch is kokkinisto with puree,quite good.The distance to SANTA LUCIA falls below the 1000 mark and we celebrate with white wine and chorizo.Mimis tops it up with a srapatsada and we promises ourselves more celebration at 500 miles,in two days and something with God’s will.At night we sail with the genny doing up to 15 knots in fresh conditions.

Wednesday 30 Nov.

Its now dawn at almost nine in the morning.We hoist the red monster and power on.The night shift saw One Hull pass ahead of us on different gybe.The same happens at four in the afternoon,they cross about 1,5 miles ahead on port gybe ,We keep to starboard.The wind continues to taunt us,not allowing a straight sail to SL.However the distance diminishes to 775 miles at 16;00,24 HOURS after reaching the1000 mark.