Mon 21 Nov 2011 11:24

19:00 Several boats have tacked south.We continue on a westerly course and fall into an area of no wind.Disaster.Our speed has dropped to zero,literally.We have lost steerage way,are turning in circles and are watching the opposition sailaway.It lasts almost two hours, a cacophony of slating sails and banging gear.Fortunately nothing breaks.

21:00 We begin sailing again .in a SE direction towards Africa!Anything to get out of the ‘’doldrums’’.

22:00 We are surrounded by boats,having lost a lot of way,but are sailing again fast with the genoa.

24:00 Change of watch.I retire to my cabin and listen to Acool struggling in the light winds.

03:00 Spinnaker up again and the boat accelerates.Our green nav light is not working but we cannot fix it at night as the bow is often submerged in the high seas.

07:00 Dawn.We are taking stock of the situation and are sailing past slower boats.Its not too bad.We are ahead of the Challenge 72s and close to Ocean ,the largest boat of the fleet at 100ft.LOA

11:00 Sailing with the spinnaker in moderate winds..