daily log 9/08/07

Wing and a Prayer
Joy Hughes
Thu 9 Aug 2007 11:57
Position: 32:37.70N 16:53.57W
Wind: 20 knots NE
Weather: Warm and Sunny
Distance Travelled: on the log 16nm, Total on the log 16nm, total over
the ground is 19 miles. Dist to go 247 miles.to Lanzerote

Hi everyone again

Just set off for our final leg Madeira to Lanzarote

Winds good in the NE at 20k and we are sailing along at 8plus over ground in
warm sunshine great

Only 3 of us now as James has reurned home with hos family , still little Al
is getting really competant now so much so that he has asked if he can do
single watches again tonight , we shall see depending on the weather