Daily log 11/08/07

Wing and a Prayer
Joy Hughes
Sat 11 Aug 2007 12:04
Position: 20:17.92N 13:35.90W
Wind: 9.8 knots NNE
Weather: Warm and Sunny
Distance Travelled: on the log 118nm, Total on the log 258nm, total over
the ground is 259 miles. Dist to go 5 miles.to Lanzarote

This morning we sighted land, the tiny island of Alegranza off the northern
tip of Lanzarote. We are back in the Canaries. We left Gran Canaria November
2004 with the ARC to cross the Atlantic sailing a total of over 1600 nm.
We have experienced many different peoples, cultures and weather. My e mail
contacts have increased as new friends have been added to my list.
Last night we had a pleasant sail with winds of 10-15 knots. This morning
sun is shinning, it's going to be a hot one.
Plan to stop at the island of Graciosa for a couple of days and then sail
down the east coast of Lanzarote finally berthing in Rubicon on the south of
the island near Playa Blanca.
This will be journeys end for this year.
Finally I should like to thank Andy, Chris, James and Alan for the
assistance they have given us on the various legs. Not forgetting Peter our
shore base Guru for his valuable weather and routeing advise.
Plus a big Thank You to friends and family on my contact list for all the
support and e mail received during the journey.