daily Log

Wing and a Prayer
Joy Hughes
Mon 28 May 2007 17:23
Position 37:19.96N 69:39.20W
Wind 18kts SW
Distance Travelled: on the log 127 , Total on the log 441 miles, total over
the ground is 395 miles

Hi There

Skippers report

We are now well into our trip working well as a crew , no violent
disagreements and at last have found the Gulf stream which is pushing us
east at up to 0.5k, this together with 18k of SW wind is making progress
very good and
very pleasant

We are enjoying warm sunny days and starry nights but NO FISH
Joy is beginning to express concern that our food might not last , but I am,
sure the Gin will

Any suggestions for G/T sandwiches ???

we have a rule that we reef the mainsail for the night passage , last night
decided that as the wind was light 10/12k and the sea flat we would go with
full main , wrong , at 3 of clock in the morning I had to get all the crew
of bed to put the reef in , the dark in 20k of wind !!!!
They were not pleased

All for now