Daily Log 31.05.2007

Wing and a Prayer
Joy Hughes
Thu 31 May 2007 16:45
Position: 37:47.95N 61:39.75W
Wind: 15 kts. NE
Weather: Sunny, warm and Windy.
Distance Travelled: on the log 88, Total on the log 754 miles, total over
the ground is 813 miles.

Below is a taste of life on board over the last 24 hours.

The wind has been NE 15 - 28 knots 'on the nose'. Last night it was quite
cold and in the ships log I likened it more to the Irish Sea rather than the
tropical climes we are currently sailing. With the fresh winds and
associated building seas life on board is very different to the glorious
weather we've had up until not, below are some of the problems we face:

1: Cooking on a boat that is continuously leaning over and pitching around
can be difficult. This is what caused me to weld the scrambled eggs to the
pan (honest).

2: As we are heading East in a North Easterly breeze we are on Port tack,
this means the seawater inlet for the loo is out of the water 80% of the
time. This gives us 'flushing issues'. To assist the situation there is
currently a seawater hose from the galley that can be used to provide extra
water. I have proposed a tack or gybe onto Starboard for an "Ablutions" hour
however this is still under discussion.

3. If like Andy and Me you have to sleep in the bow of the boat the entire
night is spent being thrown up and down whilst the waves crash around you.
Despite what the others have said about me, sleeping isn't easy.

Although this may sound bad its not really although it was been
significantly different to the South Westerly winds and sunshine that we've
enjoyed for the past 6 days. The 'rough seas' also put you at a greater risk
of spilling your G&T and with our low tonic reserves this is a risk we can't
really afford to take. However the forecast is for light winds tomorrow so I
should be able to catch up on some well earned kip.