Daily Log 11.06.07

Wing and a Prayer
Joy Hughes
Mon 11 Jun 2007 16:07
Position: 39:10.13N 36:21.99W
Wind: 15kts W
Weather: Overcast & cool
Distance Travelled: on the log 130, Total on the log 2067 miles, total over
the ground is 1968 miles. Dist to go 243 miles.to our new destination of the
isle of Flores

Hi Everybody

The bad news is that there's only enough tonic for one more round of gins.
However, that shouldn't be too much of a hardship because we're facing gale
force winds tomorrow (Tues) which will be blowing at around the time we
normally raise a snifter.

The good news is that we're less than 250 miles and about 45 hours from
making landfall in Flores - "The Island of Flowers" - the most westerly of
the Azores archipelago and from where Wiggy and I will be flying back to the

For now we're making 5.5kts under spinnaker in 15kts of breeze and
anticpating the big blow ahead.

As we get closer to our destination and supplies run ever lower, our diet
gets increasingly interesting. We've already had fried Smash and grilled
Smash. Today it's Joy's turn to cook and we're eagerly awaiting what
culinary delights she can conjure from remaining supplies to accompany the
ribeye steaks that have "dinner" stamped on them.

Yours, Aye