Wing and a Prayer
Joy Hughes
Fri 10 Aug 2007 11:54
Position: 30.49.77N 15.01.33W
Wind: 11 knots NE
Weather: Cloudy
Distance Travelled: on the log 124nm, Total on the log 140nm, total over
the ground is 141 miles. Dist to go 123 Lanzerote


We are travelling again, to the Canaries. Last night whilst on watch I
saw a vessel I don't now what it was mind you but it had 2 lights at the
back and 1 at the front.
It is quite dull today no sun nothing just clouds and a little bit of
wind, we had to put the engine on this morning which wasn't very nice.
Yesterday we had a good day we did around 140 miles. We are aiming to get in
tomorrow sometime.

That's all for now