Daily Log - 27th May 2007

Wing and a Prayer
Joy Hughes
Sun 27 May 2007 17:21
Position 36:01.49N 71:16.24W
Wind 13kts WSW
Distance Travelled: on the log 119 , Total on the log 314 miles, total over
the ground is 291miles

A great days sailing yesterday. 12 - 18 knot breeze and broad reaching for
most of the day and through the night. Todays conditions are slightly
lighter however we are now heading Northeast in to get away from the Highs
and find some more consistent breeze.

We have found a rather good VMG tool (Velocity Made Good) on the instuments
which helped us with choosing which gybe to be on, however we have been
disappointed to find that whichever way we point the boat the Gulf Stream
(which is supposed to be going in our direction) seems to be against us!!!

Otherwise, all is well, Gin provisions are healthy, there are plenty limes
in the fridge and there is more than enough power to make ice-cubes. Refill