Beaufort may 2007

Wing and a Prayer
Joy Hughes
Tue 22 May 2007 14:54

34:42.81N 076:39.41W






Hello Folks

Well we made it to Beaufort on the 15th May in time to meet the cavalry Andy and Chris. Very relieved we were to get here.

Since leaving Puerto Rico on the 4th of April we have done 2423nm, visited 3 countries. Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Cuba eventually arriving in the US calling at Miami, Palm Beach (where we got the rig tested) Cape Canaveral and finally to Beaufort. We have managed to shred both our cruising sails Main and Genoa, the Bimini we managed to repair. We have had winds from 6 knots to 30kt. Plus the 55kts of wind during the storm that hit as we came along the Keys off Florida. It has been mainly sunny and warm though the nights do get cool.

The main concern I had were the thunder storms that seem to come off the Florida coast every evening. At home in doors I would enjoy a good thunder storm, lightening and the rest. But on the open sea a long way from land, on a 40 foot plastic boat with a high metal mast it sort of loses its charm. In fact it is very frightening without the rough seas, wind and rain that accompany the storms.

But we are here and I am pleased we made the effort to visit Jamaica and Cuba.

So now we are provisioning and sorting the boat out for our 2200 mile trip over to the Azores. Plan to get off next week depending on the weather.

Here in Beaufort we are enjoying the restaurants and bars. As I have been busy shopping cooking meals for the journey during the day, we have eaten out in the evenings. Beaufort is a really lovely historical tourist town with lots of rather nice shops.

Chris has had a problem; he hasn’t been able to buy the beer in the bars without needing to show his passport to confirm his age. The age limit here is 21 and as he is 26 he feels quite insulted. But I think both he and Andy are enjoying this friendly town, trying to understand the southern American accent. The marina here has courtesy cars that berth holder can use for a couple of hours. They are Buick’s  old station wagon type big American cars and both have enjoyed the experience of driving them along the freeways.

I think we are about ready now. We shall be sending out short messages as before. Do track us on line through the site or through

Keep the messages coming as they make a journey much more enjoyable.