Dead Calm

Sat 27 May 2017 08:06
36:28.86N 11:23.08W
All ok on board, yesterday morning we noticed a loose fan belt on one of the
alternators, on further inspection, it was clear a change of belt was
required which was done without any issues. At about midday yesterday the
winds finally gave out and we put the motor on, the seas are now glassy flat
and no sign of wind for a day or so. The weather is starting to warm up
again after a few colder days, we are also starting to see more shipping as
we close in on Gibraltar. We have had to avoid two sea mounts, on which rise
from 2500 meters to just 20 meters below the surface, if it was rough
weather, this would make an area to avoid because the sea would be quite
rough around it.
As we are motoring the crew enjoying the sun, lots of chat and the cards are