Still here

Wed 5 Jan 2011 11:41
33:13.86N 12:35.14W

Still powering along, much warmer now with sea temperature at about 19C,
some of us are in shorts. The Sea is up a bit today and we are taking quite
a lot across the deck, but we are very comfortable under the big
spayhood/bimini. We are reasonably confident of a late Friday arrival. So
much so that we have booked Paul flight home for Saturday, the rest of the
team will remain through the weekend to clean up, make repairs and get the
Truant ready for the next leg.

Message from the Engine Room

Have been under much pressure to get the TV working at full volume, it
appears that this falls under our remit as the engine noise is causing a
little discomfort at viewing times and may have repercussions on boat moral,
luckily our Chief Engineer found the volume button on the remote and we were
able to proceed as normal.

We have now had more than two days without going in the wrong direction and
are feeling confident about reaching our destination, although there have
been mutterings of making a swim for Madeira, and the crew were mildly
concerned that teeth were becoming a bit loose after such a long period at
sea. These worries have been dealt with by cutting back on the cheese
rations, however this presents us with a customs problem when we reach our
destination as under EU rules the amount we are carrying classifies us as
cheese fish eat cheese? Having attached 500g of mature
Cheddar to the fishing line it appears not.