2 days to go

Thu 18 May 2017 10:17
36:12.18N 34:35.22W
The last 24 hours have been pretty uneventful with us on a very fine reach
but slight seas, this morning the wind /sea have increased and we are
bowling along at 8.5knots so we are able to lay a course for the Azores,
look like early Saturday morning arrival.
The sea is much colder now and we are joined regularly my dolphins which
always cheers us up. Our own David Attenborough, Julius is mystified by the
sail jelly fish and loves filming the dolphins, we expect any moment that a
dolphin will find itself in ownership one new shiny phone when J drops his
in the water. Talking of the mate, he managed to rustle up supper a few days
ago, he made so much that he still eating it 3 days later, 'oh the
loneliness of the long distance runner'
If we do arrive Saturday and we can get our sail repaired quickly and if
weather permits we intend to leave for Palma on Monday or Tuesday.